About Me

Hey guys! I'm Wasiu, creator of Siu's View and I am a first generation Nigerian-American photographer. Born and raised in New Jersey, I started photographing in 2014 and I decided to put more focus into weddings in 2018. Before every wedding, special event, consultation or photo session, I pray because I believe that the Holy Spirit inspires the work that I do and He settles me in my spirit so that I can make a comfortable experience for all of my clients. I love connecting with people who possess genuine positive energy and love to have fun while creating great images. My photography style comes from my spiritual life, studying classic portraiture and films, and just being into the arts. Currently my services include but are not limited to weddings, engagements, maternity, birthday, blog work etc. My work has been featured several blogs including MunaLuchi Bride magazine, Black Bride 1998, The Coordinated Bride, Afroelle Mag and more.

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